Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts

The NFL regular season is almost here. The preseason is almost over, fantasy drafts are taking place, and the rosters are shortening. One of the most exciting parts of the preseason is when the roster cuts take place.
With some good players not making the cut, it is exciting to see where they will end up, if any place at all. Unfortunately, some players may be at the end of their road. It doesn't look like Rod Gardner will catch on in any NFL offensive system. That just proves that you can have all the physical talent in the world coming out of college, and not be able to make it in the pros. I remember watching him in college and thinking that ht was a big play, electric type receiver, but aside from his first couple of seasons in Washington, he hasn't really had a reason to wear cleats on Sunday.
Some others will also not have a job in a week or so, but some will, and the possibility of someone coming to your team, getting a fresh start and making the team better is exhilarating!
David Terrell and Cedric Hobbs are just two of many who have a lot to prove. Teams who aren't strong at RB or WR may want to look at giving them a shot. But these young kids have to want it. Making it in the NFL is no easy task. Drew Olson was cut in Baltimore; can he really be so bad that he couldn't beat out Kyle Boller for a job? Tim Dwight was cut by the Jets; you know he can win a game if it's a tight one.
Well, it will be a crystal clear picture in a couple of weeks when 32 teams roll out on the field to kick the season off. Good luck to all those who are trying to earn a roster spot.

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Jeremy said...

I didn't drew olsen was cut. I though the did a good job for the Ravens.