Monday, August 27, 2007

I watched the Giants vs. Ravens the other day, and John Madden said that is the referees see corner backs grab cloth, they will throw a flag. What? Why can't they let corner backs play defense anymore? A rule like this is going to flood the Hall of Fame with sub par wide outs. I know the league has finally realized that fans like to see a good passing game once in a while, but I don't think any team has a problem selling tickets; at least not yet. Note to the NFL: LET THEM PLAY!!!! Maybe I'm just a little outdated, but I happen to like great defense and a power run game, but then again, so do most Cornhusker fans. I know I know, every year there are rule changes, and every year we get used to them, usually by game 3, but it's still worth talking about.
One last quick topic for all you die hard CFB fans. When should a program not be considered elite or a national power anymore? I'm hearing a lot of chatter about programs like Michigan, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Florida State not being powerhouses anymore. I'll admit that my Huskers, as well as these other teams haven't been dominating like they used to, but I think they still matter in a big way. They still recruit in the top 20 or better. They haven't lost any of their wins. Michigan still goes to the Rose Bowl. So why is it that after a few years of not being on top teams like this are downgraded? They still matter don't they? Nebraska and Michigan have over 800 wins. Who else can say that? It won't be long before these programs will be back in a big way, and college football will be better for it.
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